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Covid-19 Update 01.06.2020

Wood Farm Vets are delighted to announce that as of Monday June 1st we will be operating a full veterinary service within the confines of the “new normal”.

This means that we are now able to offer:

  • All vaccinations

  • Neutering of small and farm animals (geldings not till autumn now because of the flies)

  • Lameness examinations

  • Medical investigations

  • Pre-purchase examinations (vettings)

  • Poor performance work ups

  • Dentistry of all species

  • Breeding work of all species (Hip and elbow scoring is still delayed by the assessors at the other end)

This is in line with our governing bodies (RCVS, BVA and BEVA) new guidance that there are no restrictions to the work that we can undertake. However, we must maintain safe social distancing at all times. This will mean that all procedures will still need to be risk assessed at the time of booking by our receptionist prior to an appointment / visit going ahead. The safety of our staff and you our clients remains paramount at all times whilst providing you with the veterinary service that you require. This may mean that we bring an extra handler to equine or farm calls and that the doors to the surgery will remain shut to you the client.

Please consider still using our telephone/video consultation system for many procedures as this has proved to be an invaluable tool for patient assessments and follow ups during the lockdown period. This tool is here to stay and we value any client feedback on how to improve this service further for future use.

We love being able to discuss images (xrays, ultrasound scans, laboratory reports and endoscopy pictures) with you at the time of discharging your patient back into your care. In this current climate this has been somewhat challenging, so please provide us with either your email address or Whatsapp phone number so we can forward them to you and thereby keep you fully informed of what we have done and the findings.

Our very popular equine vaccination amnesty month will be operating throughout June. This means that any horse who has missed a vaccination due to the Covid 19 lockdown can restart their vaccination with either a free 1st or 2nd jab courtesy of the drug company Boehringer (excluding visit charges).

As we increase the amount of work we undertake we will be bringing more staff members back into the mix. Their safety and the ability to continually provide a 24 hour service for you our clients remains our priority. As such we will still be operating in a “two team” style of work (surgery / on the road). This means that you may still not be able to see your favourite vet at the time you requested but they are available by phone and we all liase together daily. With the governments “track and trace” programme we are very keen to avoid a potential situation where the whole practice may be required to shut down. If you are self-isolating or infected with Covid 19 you must let us know and we will take appropriate protective measures to ensure your pet / horse/ farm animal gets the care that they require.

Please be patient whilst we try and find space for all the catch up appointments that may be required in the next few weeks we will do our best to fit you in as soon as possible.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon (even if it is at a 2m distance).

Stay safe. Stay alert.

Hannah and all at Wood Farm Vets

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