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At the yard or in our clinic, our vets can perform a variety of diagnostics to help with the common and not-so-common equine problems.


Our portable x-ray machine enables our vets to take images in the stable or out in the field; vital for those situations where the horse can not be brought to the clinic.

Digital images are then processed back at the clinic and ready for review in a matter of seconds; enabling a fast diagnosis and treatment plan. These images can also be sent via e-mail to relevant professionals such as farriers or referral vets. 

Our vets use radiography as an every day diagnostic tool, particularly in muscoskeletal problems such as laminitis, as well as dental cases and much more. 



Our portable ultrasound machine is routinely used in lameness examinations to visualise the soft tissue structures such as tendons and ligaments. 

We also have a dedicated reproductive ultrasound; specifically used for pre-breeding examinations and pregnancy diagnosis. 

Ultrasound can also be a valuable diagnostic tool for internal cases such as colic. 



Our endoscope is a valuable diagnostic tool for visualising the internal systems of your horse, particularly the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract. 

We routinely use our endoscope to investigate poor performance and can easily perform the endoscopy at your yard. 

We also schedule dedicated gastroscopy days to evaluate problems such as gastric ulcers.


Lameness Work-Up

Our fully equipped clinic and expertise of our vets allows us to investigate a lameness issue in any equine; from the hobby horse to the eventer. 
Many work-ups require nerve blocks, numerous trot ups and X-ray's. 
Your horse can stay at Wood Farm until the lameness exam is complete.
If a definitive diagnosis cannot be made, our vets will willingly refer you and your horse to a specialist.

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