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Wood Farm Vets has a considerable amount of new, state of the art equipment. We are well equipped and experienced for every primary care equine problem and branch out into more specialised standing surgeries, stud and dental work when required.

Our surgical equipment includes:

  • Pulse Oximeter and blood pressure monitoring

  • General anaesthetic equipment suitable for sole inhalation anaesthesia up to 200kg. With capabilities for longer “field anaesthesia” procedures. 

  • Multiple equine dental molar extraction equipment (forceps, elevators, picks)

  • Full, standing surgical equipment 

  • Stocks and hospitalisation facilities including 24/7 monitoring with cameras in the stable

  • Fresh, frozen AI and embryo transfer facilities

Routine Surgeries Performed

  • Standing geldings either at Wood Farm or at your yard

  • "Down" geldings for the complicated cases such as retained testicles and inguinal hernias

  • Dental extractions 

  • Enucleations

  • Splint bone removals

  • Minor lump removals

Please contact us for more details or to make an appointment. 

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