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Commonly Asked Questions

Can I register as a new client?

We are currently taking on new Equine clients only. Once staffing levels of the small animal clinic have increased, we will open our books to new small animal clients.

Are there any payment plans available?

All outstanding account balances must be paid in full within 30 days of receipt of the invoice. 
However, payment plans may be initiated after consultation with practice owner Hannah Kelly and practice manager Florence Gill.

My pet is insured, how do I make a claim?

We have a dedicated member of staff, Catherine Cane, who handles all insurance queries. We recommend waiting until a diagnosis has been made and most, if not all, treatment completed. At this point, print a claim form from your insurer, fill in your details and hand it into the practice. We will take care of the rest.

Do you treat exotic animals?

We welcome all varieties of animals; we are fully equipped with knowledge and expertise to treat most of the common ailments that may affect your pet whether they are a rabbit, ferret, guinea pig, tortoise, owl or budgie. Please call us to discuss your particular need.

When can my dog be neutered?

We advise that male dogs be castrated no younger than 6 months old but ideally your dog should be at least 1 year old.


Female dogs should not be spayed until they have had their first season. It is recommended that you make a note of the date the season ends and arrange for the surgery 3 months later.  

When should I vaccinate my puppy/kitten?

Please read the information on the "Companion Animal - Vaccinations & Health Checks" page

When should I vaccinate my horse?

Please read the information on teh "Equine - Vaccinations and Routine Care" page

What are the fees for your services?

Below is an example of some of our fees. Please be aware that the cost of medication will vary depending on the amount used. Some of our fees are charged by the hour, especially with large animals. If you require an estimate for a specific service not listed here, please call our reception and they will be happy to help. 

Small Animal 

  • Initial Consultation: £35.50

  • Dog Vaccination: £33.00

  • Cat Vaccination 

    • RCP & FeLV: £38.40

    • RCP only: £27.60

  • Rabbit vaccination: £24.00

  • Microchip: £15

  • Out of hours consult: £96.00

  • Home visit fee:

    • 0 -10 miles pre-arranged: £12​

    • 11-20  miles pre-arranged: £24


  • Visit Fee Pre-arranged

    • 0 - 10 miles: £12​

    • 11 - 20 miles: £24

  • Visit Fee Booked on the day

    • 0 - 10 miles: £30

    • 11 - 20 miles: £54

  • Visit Fee Out of Hours

    • 0 - 10 miles: £90

    • 11- 20 miles: £102

  • Initial Consultation: £35.50

  • Flu/Flu-Tet vaccination: £33

Farm Animals

  • Visit fees as per Equine above

  • Large animal hourly rate: £132

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