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Farm Animal & Small Holders

Wood Farm Vets offer a modern approach to farm animal medicine whilst still retaining and upholding traditional values. The experience of our established vets mixed with the knowledge in newer techniques of our younger vets, ensure optimum care for your livestock. Whether you have commercial stock, pedigree animals or just a couple of companion pygmy goats, we can offer you the veterinary care that you need! 

Services offered:

Herd health planning

Fertility, reproductive and A.I 

Breeding soundness examinations for bulls and rams

TB testing

Export certification for live animals

Blood testing 

Faecal egg counts and worming advise


Abortion investigations 

Mastitis treatment 

Goat kid disbudding 


Lambing & calving assistance including caesarean sections

We place a strong emphasis on preventative medicine and herd health planning to reduce disease levels. We pride ourselves on being involved with the farming community and understanding the issues farms face today.

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